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One, million purification summary:
Million purification mainly by clean air constantly dilute the indoor air, the indoor pollution gradually discharged to achieve the clean effect. Indoor air flow is uneven flow was not parallel flow, mixed with reflux or eddy current, different grades of clean room, mainly depends on the amount of air flow per unit time to achieve the different. There are currently one hundred thousand and three hundred thousand two standard.

Second, million clean clean room:
Clean Room (Clean Room), also known as clean room or clean room.

"Clean room" refers to the air within a certain range of air particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants excluded, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air flow distribution, noise vibration and lighting, Static control within a range of requirements, and given a specially designed room. That is, regardless of how the external air conditions change, the interior can have to maintain the original requirements of the cleanliness, temperature and humidity and pressure performance characteristics.

Third, the level of purification role
The main function of the clean room is to control the product (such as silicon chips, etc.) exposure to the atmosphere of cleanliness and temperature and humidity, so that the product can be in a good environment in the production and manufacture, this space we call "clean room ".
Countries in the world have self-defined specifications, but generally more than the United States Federal Standard 209, the following only 209D and 209E and other countries in the world to develop standards for comparison and comparison.
209E and 209D, etc. The biggest difference is that 209E indicates that the unit is increased in metric units, and the cleanroom level is expressed in `M 'prefix, such as M1, M1.5, M2.5, M3 ... .. and so on, in conjunction with international metric units , The number of Arabic numerals after M letters is expressed as the power of 10 in the number of dust particles per square meter of> = 0.5μm. If the number of dust particles is between the front and the back, Between the power, then 1.5,2.5,3.5 ....
The US Federal Standard FS 209D is in English per cubic foot per square foot, Japan is the use of metric, that is, per cubic meter as a unit to 0.1μm particles for the counting standard. The Japanese standard is represented by Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 ... Class 8, the best grade is Class 1, and the worst is Class 8, which is the power of 10 in the total number of dust particles per cubic meter Sub-party, take its index derived.

Four, million purification clean room Category:
(1), industrial clean room - for the control of non-living particles. The main control of air dust particles on the work of the object pollution, the internal general to maintain a positive pressure state. It is suitable for precision machinery industry, electronics industry (semiconductor, integrated circuit, etc.) aerospace industry, high purity chemical industry, atomic energy industry, magneto-optical products industry (CD, film, tape production) LCD (LCD glass), computer hard disk, computer head Production and other industries.
(2), biological clean room, the main control of life particles (bacteria) and no life particles (dust) on the work of the object pollution. Can be divided into; A, the general biological clean room, the main control of microbial (bacteria) object pollution. While its internal materials to withstand a variety of sterilant erosion, the internal general guarantee positive pressure. In essence, its internal materials to withstand a variety of sterilization of industrial clean room. Example: pharmaceutical industry, hospitals (operating room, sterile ward) food, cosmetics, beverage production, animal laboratories, physical and chemical laboratories, blood stations and so on. B, biological safety clean room: the main control of the working object of living particles on the outside world and human pollution. Internal to keep the negative pressure with the atmosphere. Example: Bacteriology, biology, clean laboratory, material engineering (recombinant gene, vaccine preparation),

Five, million clean chaos clean room principle and characteristics:
1, definition: chaos clean room is defined as the air flow to uneven speed, non-parallel flow, accompanied by reflux or eddy current clean room.
2, the principle: chaos flow clean room by air flow constantly dilute the indoor air, will gradually dilute the air pollution, to achieve clean (chaos clean room generally designed in more than 1000 to 30 million purification level).
3, features: chaos clean room is to rely on a number of ventilation to achieve clean and clean level. The number of ventilation times determines the level of purification in the definition (the higher the number of ventilation, the higher the purification level)
(1), self-purification time: refers to the clean room by the number of ventilation designed to start the air to the clean room, indoor dust concentration to achieve the design of the purification level of time. 1,000 minutes hope that no more than 20min (minutes) (preferably 15min) 10,000 grade hope not more than 30min (minutes) (desirable 25min calculation) 100,000 level hope not more than 40min (minutes) (preferably 30min calculation)
(Standard: 50 times / hour) 10,000 grade 23.8-28.6 times / hour (specification: 25 times / hour) 100,000 level 14.4 -19.2 times / hour (specification: 15 times / hour)

Six, million purification clean room ventilation estimates:
1000 clean room is not less than 50 times / h;
Million clean room not less than 25 times / h;
100,000 clean room is not less than 15 times / h.
Million times the number of ventilation [1] ≥ 25 times / hour (generally take 27-28); 100,000 times the number of ventilation ≥ 15 times / hour (usually 17-18)
But can not blindly according to the number of ventilation design air volume, to consider the room and the process of waste heat, more than wet.
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